Department of Brand Strategy
117 Rose Administration Building
Box 870144
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0144
phone: (205) 348-5768
fax: (205) 348-5936

The department of brand strategy is responsible for maintaining the integrity of The University of Alabama brand. The role of the director of brand strategy includes reviewing all external marketing and advertising collateral submitted through the branding and licensing approval form.

As a reminder, the UA System office requires that all advertising and marketing materials are submitted for review and approval prior to purchase or placement. This includes, but is not limited to, print advertising, brochures and other materials, giveaway/promotional items, invitations, digital ads and graphics, radio and television ads, billboards, magazines and other promotional materials.

Artwork and quotes should be submitted via the branding and licensing approval form. This form should be completed even if Strategic Communications assisted in the design process as it is also reviewed by Procurement Services and Trademark Licensing.

For questions regarding the brand approval process or for access to UA logos and design templates, please contact Jennifer Rodrigues, director of brand strategy, at 348-5768 or