OU Campus by OmniUpdate

In order to create a more unified brand, enhanced user experience and improved web infrastructure, the Division of Strategic Communications is leading the charge to implement a new enterprise web content management system, OU Campus.

OU Campus by OmniUpdate is the leading web content management system for higher education institutions. Today, OU Campus is used by more than 75,000 web professionals to manage some of the world's finest college and university websites. See an overview, delve into services, explore modules and browse real-life case studies and testimonials for success stories.

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See real-life case studies and testimonials for higher ed success stories.

Updated 5/31/18: Strategic Communications is working to finalize templates in OU Campus, and will soon begin building initial sites in the platform.

Updated 1/31/18: Strategic Communications has received delivery of the initial set of templates and assets from OmniUpdate, and is now working to build real production websites from these templates. These migrations are considered "live testing" projects, as we are making adjustments and bug fixes based on the results of moving these sites into OU Campus. Stay tuned for the initial launch of the first handful of sites built on the OU Campus platform, followed by information on the first steps for bringing in other web teams and users for training and testing into the platform.

Updated 10/17/17: Strategic Communications has participated in the first round of administrative and functional training, and has received an initial build of potential templates and snippets from OmniUpdate. We are currently working through orientation to the product and user acceptance testing of the custom templates built based on the UA framework. User Acceptance Testing is scheduled to be completed by the end of October/beginning of November, at which time we'll begin working with the vendor to migrate a sampling of websites into the platform for further testing and evaluation.

Updated 8/8/17: The CMS hosting environment has been set up and tested. OmniUpdate has begun the 6 to 8 week process of creating OU Campus templates using the UA Web Templates and Technical Specifications provided to them by Strategic Communications.

Updated 7/20/17: Strategic Communications has finalized the contract with OmniUpdate and is currently working with the vendor and OIT to set up the CMS hosting environment. We are also working closely with the vendor to define functional requirements for templates and features in our CMS implementation, and on finalizing specifics of the overall implementation plan.

Next steps include establishing a detailed rollout plan, which will include communication with key stakeholders and the campus at large, the establishment of a working timeline, scheduling robust on-site training and identifying training resources for technical and functional users, and creating a formal support process. Stay tuned to this page for more information as it becomes available.

If you have specific questions about OU Campus or UA's implementation of the platform, please feel free to contact the Department of Web Communications at webmaster@ua.edu.