Anyone wishing to film on any grounds owned by The University of Alabama for any reason must complete the form below. Please place requests to film at least ten(10) days in advance of the shoot whenever possible. Completing this form does not ensure that permission to film on grounds owned by The University of Alabama will be granted.

This request to film will be evaluated and a decision will be made based on the following factors:

  • The project does not interfere with educational, research, program functions or previously scheduled events.
  • The project does not pose a security or safety risks.
  • The project does not compromise the privacy of any faculty, staff, student or visitor at UA.
  • The project does not include any potential logistical problems.
  • The project must be appropriate and protective of the intrinsic value of The University of Alabama name and deemed consistent with interest of UA.

Once you have submitted a request, a copy of the request will automatically be sent to your email address. PLEASE NOTE: This copy is NOT a confirmation that you may film on grounds owned by The University of Alabama. It is a confirmation that the request was submitted and has been received for review.

If your Request to Film is approved, you will be asked to submit a UA Location Agreement which will be sent to you. You may also be required to fill out an Application for Use of Campus Grounds. Please note that these documents must be submitted at least seven business days prior to your shoot. University of Alabama student organizations may also be required to register their film shoot through The Source.

Note: UA student groups must also register their request to film through The SOURCE.

For more information, please contact Shane Dorrill at 205-348-8319 or