Internal Communications

Internal Communications is responsible for providing news and information to UA faculty, staff, students and other constituent groups. A complete description of the policies and procedures of Internal Communications may be found here.

Development Communications specializes in marketing and public relations initiatives related to fundraising and the University's capital campaign. Assistance, support and consulting services are available in areas of communication planning, writing, editing, publications, media relations, web communications, public speaking/presentations, broadcast media production, and photography.

Vehicles for communicating with these groups include the following:

Dialog – a weekly faculty/staff tabloid. Deadlines are Wednesdays at noon eight days prior to requested date of publication. See Dialog 2015 Deadlines for more information.

Dialog Extra – a twice weekly supplement to Dialog that is e-mailed to faculty and staff each Monday and Thursday. Deadlines are Wednesdays and Fridays at 4 p.m.

UA Student News – a weekly e-mail of events and announcements sent to students on Tuesday evenings. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday.

Links to online submissions forms:

Dialog and Dialog Extra:

UA Student News: