Web Communications

The role of the Office of Web Communications is to devise, coordinate and optimize the University's top-level Internet presence as an element of the institution's overall integrated communications strategy.

The Office of Web Communications is responsible for building and managing the top levels of the University of Alabama web presence, including critical web sites such as the UA home page, institutional news- and content-related sites, undergraduate admissions and related sites, and numerous other sites of strategic importance. In addition, the office provides assistance, support, coordination and consultation involving strategic new media communications and web initiatives campus-wide.

UA Web Guide

The UA Web Guide is a primer for developing web sites at The University of Alabama, and serves as a practical how-to resource for web designers and others involved in creating and managing official and unofficial UA web sites. Visit the UA Web Guide.

UA Web Templates

Web templates based on the design and functionality of the current UA Home Page are available for usage by any official unit of The University of Alabama. There are three basic versions of the templates available, each of which offers numerous options for customization and arrangement of content.
Download UA Web Templates.

UA HTML E-Mail Templates

The following customizable and widely-compatible institutionally-branded HTML e-mail templates are available for usage by any official unit of The University of Alabama. The templates are organized into categories based on e-mail style and level of customization.
Download UA HTML E-Mail Templates.

UA WordPress Theme

The UA WordPress theme allows you to edit and update your website with a simple CMS (Content Management System) interface while taking advantage of the clean, professional look and feel of the UA Web Templates. The instructions on this page will help you get started with setting up the UA theme in WordPress.
Download UA WordPress Theme.

UA Mobile Templates

Mobile templates based on the design of UA Mobile Web are now available to use on any UA web site. These templates include support for mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and more.
Download UA Mobile Templates.


WebTide is the official community for web professionals at the University of Alabama. WebTide exists to benefit its members, and the university, by promoting professional development, innovation, and discussion. If you are a University of Alabama web professional, visit WebTide to learn more and get involved.

Information for Vendors

If you are a vendor and are interested in sharing your product and/or services with The University of Alabama, we ask for your assistance by following a process we have established to help us review products and services in the most efficient manner possible. Please send the information you would like us to have about your product via e-mail to webmaster@ur.ua.edu, and we will review the information and contact you if your product or service interests us further or matches a current institutional need. Should your product or service not match a current institutional need, we will keep your information on file and refer to it in the future should such a need arise. Thank you for helping us manage the flow of information we receive in the most efficient way possible, and for your desire to assist The University of Alabama in achieving its goals and objectives.

Contact Us

If you have a question about a UA web site or regarding what resources are available to faciliate your web project, please feel free to contact the Office of Web Communications, and we'll do our best to assist you. E-mail us at webmaster@ur.ua.edu.

Our Sites

Here is a partial list of sites managed by the Office of Web Communications. If you have any questions about these sites, or are unsure about who to contact about other sites, please contact us.